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The mission of Eudoxia is to create an atmosphere for Researchers and Academicians for innovation and the application of these innovations into the real world. The systematic research and collaboration in the field of innovation will reduce the unemployment problem in the world and Eudoxia Research Centre already introduced the concept of Researchpreneur through International Innovation Program (IIP).  All the International Executive Education (IEE) programs of ERC are useful for transforming the Academicians into Professional Leaders of the World.


(IIP) International Innovation Program is the most popular International Live Research Executive Training Program connecting the Researchers and Academicians of 193 countries of the world.

The vision of Eudoxia is to provide quality education and training to youths and professionals for international excellence in accordance with its broader vision to generate employment and creating awareness towards entrepreneurship with three fold approach- Research and Innovation, Quality Professional Education and Leadership. Today Eudoxia Research Centre attracts youths, academia and has become a melting plot of real talent hunt in the International Platform.

The Eudoxia Research Centre is working in 193 countries of the world for Research and Innovation only.  All researchers are allowed to carry out their research in the research centres around the world. The open innovation model of Eudoxia Research Centre is providing the opportunities for Live Online Virtual Conference, Virtual World Summit and International Training Program.

Open Registration: IIP 5.0

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About Us:

The Eudoxia Education Private Limited is registered under Ministry Of Corporate AffairsGovernment of India. The Corporate Identification Number (CIN) of the company is U80904AS2018PTC018693. The goal of the Eudoxia Education is to link academic honesty with the research, innovation and training industry for career success of Researchers and Academicians.

Eudoxia Education is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organization for Research & Development, International Innovation Program (IIP),  Organizing International Conference (Face to Face and Virtual), International Seminar, World Summit, One Month International Training Program, Providing Research Opportunities, Innovation, Research Network Community, International Digital Campus, Quality Education, International Digital Campus (IDC)Online LIVE Teaching Learning Program, FDP,  EDX Talks, World Olympiad, Professional Coaching and Training Programs. The ISO 9001:2015 certification of Eudoxia is come under IAF recognition and the certification number is IN10745A.

Eudoxia Research Centre is connecting 193 countries of the world. Eudoxia Research Centre is well known for organizing International Conferences, World Summit, Workshop, Faculty Development Program and Executive Training programs in the global platform. The project developed and completed by Eudoxia Research is always free from pragmatism and these are internationally accepted for maintaining the quality and standard of work. Prof. Dr. Rhituraj Saikia is presently working as the Chairman of Eudoxia Research Centre.

About the Innovation

International Innovation Program

Batch 5: IIP 5.0

Duration: 1 year

Total Course Fee: 

INR 6800 (Rupees Six Thousand Eight Hundred only for Indian Participants for One Year Complete Course)

USD 110 for Non

Indian Participants

USD 80 Special Entry for Ghana, Nigeria, Bhutan, Bangladesh,

Somalia, Nepal.

International Executive Education (IEE)


The Eudoxia Research Centre (ERC) opens up a platform for quality learning from Open Innovation Model, as well as it offers cloud campus for online learning. The faculty members for online teaching comprises of eminent experienced academician, senior executives, scholars, well known teachers and successful industrialist. The scholars of Eudoxia Research will have the privileged to interact with the faculty members by using online platforms and other newly introduced technologies by our organization.  Eudoxia is devoted for the overall growth of Academic and Research for common peoples, scholars and student society.


The mission of Eudoxia Education Private Limited is to reduce unemployment and to develop self-sustain youth for the growth of humanity.


The vision of Eudoxia Education Private Limited is to provide quality education and training to youths and professionals for international excellence in accordance with its broader vision to generate employment and creating awareness towards entrepreneurship with three fold approach- quality education, growth and leadership. Today, Eudoxia Education attracts youths, academia and has become a melting plot of real talent hunt.


Eudoxia in a nutshell: Creation of the New World of Research and Innovation

  1. International Company Registered under MCA Govt. of India.
  2. It is an ISO 9001 certified company and maintained the international quality of standard.
  3. Eudoxia is growing under the leadership of Physicist Dr. Rhituraj Saikia with a dynamic team of Academician and Researches all around the world. Our team includes the academic from USA, UK, Germany, Nigeria and other top countries of the world.
  4. Eudoxia is a unique concept, purely a Revolution in the field of Academic and Research with Open Innovation Model.
  5. Eudoxia has MoU with world-class universities and international organizations like; IIT, Warwick University, Daffodil university and much more.

Eudoxia invited you all for being a part of new concept, revolution in the field of Academic and Research.

The goal of Eudoxia is to reduce the gap between the market demand and academic research work. The Eudoxia Research is always encouraging production of new technology, smart devices, new medicines, agriculture research, pure and applied science research, social sciences and humanities research, managements research, data science research, machine learning and other newly developed areas of research. We are providing opportunity to the researchers and academicians for innovation and entrepreneurship from different countries of the world. Eudoxia is conducting international events and training programs for the growth of research and innovation.

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