World Summit: SOSH 2020

World Summit on Social Sciences and Humanities 2020


Organized By

ISRA (International Social Sciences Research Association)


ICLLR (International Council of Language and Literature Research)

Powered by

Eudoxia Research Centre

World Summit on Social Sciences and Humanities 2020


The main objective of SOSH-2020 (World Summit on Social Sciences and Humanities) is to create a world class platform to present and discuss all the latest research and results of researchers and academicians related Humanities and Social Sciences. This World Summit is a prestigious international event, organized to provide a stage for the different areas delegates, academicians and researchers to exchange new ideas and application experiences in this face to face live interaction during online World Summit SOSH 2020. This international event will establish the global relation for future research and innovation collaboration under supervision of ISRA (International Social Sciences Research Association) and ICLLR (International Council of Language and Literature Research).  Abstracts are invited by the International Organizing Committee of SOSH-2020 from academicians, researchers, leaders and scholars from different areas in correlation to the scope of the World Summit. It is an ideal platform for academicians and researchers to share their research, ideas, views and experiences in Social Sciences and Humanities Research related areas.  This World Summit SOSH-2020 is organized by ISRA and ICLLR and powered by Eudoxia Research Centre. The organizer of this World Summit is dedicated to build a learning opportunity for enhancing research activities in all the countries of the world. Eudoxia Research Centre is working with 50 different international research forums in 193 countries of the world and participants from these countries can register themselves for this World Summit.

The Review Committee of SOSH-2020 is consisting of experts and professors from all around the world. Eudoxia Research Publication relies on effective peer review processes to uphold the quality of research publication. The accepted abstract of this World Summit will be published in the Souvenir of SOSH-2020 and accepted full papers will be published in the book titled “Creation of Society” with ISBN number as book chapter. It will contribute to research fraternity with true research in the field of Social Sciences and Humanities.    


The scope of SOSH-2020, World Summit is comprised of broad selection of presentations, studies and papers in the main branches of Social Sciences and Humanities Research gathering the more objective and recent research in Anthropology, Human Geography, Psychology, Religious Studies, Archeology, Cultural Studies, Political Science, English, Education, Public Administration, Gender Studies,  Literature, Media and Communications, Political Science, History and Sociology as well as Urban studies, Planning and Development.

Special Features of the World Summit SOSH-2020

  • International propagation and fusion of Research in the field of Social Sciences and Humanities.
  • Generation of Multi-national Research and Innovation Field.
  • Global Networking and Collaboration
  • Opportunity for presenting and discussing Original Concepts/ Ideas/Viewpoints and Review Paper.
  • Opportunity to publish the research work (in English) as book chapter in the upcoming Book “Creation of Society” with ISBN number without publication fee.


Best Paper Award

The organizing committee of SOSH-2020 will select the Best Paper Award. The winner is awarded an e-certificate and the photograph along with short research profile of the winner will be published in the websites, mobile app and other digital media.

Review and Acceptance

The ‘Acceptance Letter’ for this World Summit SOSH-2020 will be provided on the basis of the review of the submitted ‘Abstract’. The review of the submitted abstract will take around 2 working days.

The review is based on:

  • Match to the World Summit SOSH-2020 Theme
  • Completeness of Abstract
  • The new idea, innovation and attractiveness of the research

Guidelines for Submission of Abstracts:

  • Relevant and complete title (ideally up to 15 words)
  • Full Names, Affiliations, Emails of author(s)
  • Research Abstract (ideally 150-300 words)
  • 3 to 5 Keywords

 Last Date of Submission of Abstract: 31st May 2020

Guidelines for Submission of Book Chapter: “Creation of Society” with ISBN number without publication fee.

Main Text: All headings and subheadings are to be in bold and consistent throughout the manuscript.

General Format: Manuscript length: 4500 words (maximum) – inclusive of abstract, keywords, main text and references. • Deadline of submission for a book chapter publication: 25th June 2020 • Font size: 12, Font type: Times New Roman, Spacing: 1.5 space (Before & After: 0 pt), Margins: 1 inch right, left, top and bottom. • Paragraphs are not to be indented; a line is to be left between paragraphs • Manuscript is needed in WORD FORMAT ONLY (docx). • Abbreviations and acronyms are to be used • First usage of the term: Term to be written in full with the abbreviation/acronym in parenthesis; • Subsequent usage of the term: Abbreviated version to be used consistently. • A brief biography (containing designation, affiliation, and expertise in the subject matter [i.e., published works in the field]) of each individual author is to be provided. • All manuscripts will be internally peer-reviewed. • All manuscripts must be professionally proof-read and free from plagiarism  

References: Writing and referencing style: American Psychological Association (APA)

Tables and Figures (Optional):  Tables and figures are to be completed with titles, sources and notes, and to be explicitly mentioned and embedded in the manuscript. (e.g., Table 1.1, Table 1.2 …) • Table/Figure color: Black and white

Last Date of Submission of Book Chapter: 25th June 2020

Abstracts should be submitted into :

Patron: Dr. Jo-Ann Rolle, Dean, School of Business, City University of New York, USA

Convener: Dr. Pratisha Kumari, Global President, ISRA: International Social Sciences Research Association, India

Organizing Secretary: Dr. Benu Prasad Sitaula, Global President, CER: International Council of Educational Research, Nepal

Coordinator: Abusayed Md. Mahmudul Haque Chowdhury, ICLLR: International Council of Language and Literature Research, Bangladesh

Contact Us: +91-8787318074


Registration Fee:

Rs. 500/- (Indian Participants)

USD 5 (Foreign Applicants): PayPal Account:

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