Eudoxia Research Centre manages a number of resources designed to facilitate all stages of the process of inventions and innovations by the young researchers. The research centre is internationally working for development of inventions and commercialization of products for reducing the gap between industry and innovations. Inventions are move through the commercialization process of Eudoxia Research Centre to catch the international market in their particular domain.

Innovations can have a positive impact on society and it will improve the lives of general public through the quality and low cost products they enable. Eudoxia Research Centre follows a process of identifying, evaluating, protecting, marketing and licensing of invention, intellectual property and copy right of inventors, innovators, start up and existing companies. The following points are mainly considered in the vision of our research centre

  1. Inculcating research and innovation in the heart of young researchers and common people for all the countries of the world for innovation.  
  2. Creating a new open innovation system among the inventors and building a bridge between innovators and investors for commercialization of products.
  3. Encouraging researchers by providing assistance for obtaining grants for their innovations and complying with the research agreement requirement of the future world.
  4. Opening a new common platform through international conference and award ceremony INFES in which innovators and creators of all shorts can share their ideas, inventions, technologies and knowledge.
  5. Conducting online world summit for creating a conjugation point between researchers’ ad investors.
  6. The research centre will ensure that the intellectual property of the inventors will be protected by patent filling and copy right agreement.
  7. The research centre will provide the opportunity for investors and industries for getting the proposal for their requirements and new international innovation at the cheapest price.  Our research centre is committed to working with investors and partner industries to provide the advance level research for commercialization and we are also providing the newly invented cutting edge technologies for global market.

  8. All academicians and inventors will receive the sponsorship from international organization, research centers, entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalist for their project proposal.     

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