Research Opportunities

Research Opportunities:

Eudoxia research centre provides opportunities for young researchers, academicians, entrepreneurs, companies and industries through a new open innovation and knowledge exchange model of research. The research centre develops a new model for extensive networking and co- creative collaboration among all the sectors of research beyond academic limit for excellence in research and development. The research centre is providing an open innovation platform from cultivation field to the sophisticated lab for new invention and commercialization of products in research and development. All the angel investors, venture capitalist and financers are encouraged by Eudoxia Research Centre for investment in research and development through collaboration with the research community, researcher, universities, research centres and startups for creation of future generation technology and products.

Eudoxia Research Centre is the best platform for innovators, inventors and startups to submit their new projects or ideas for receiving the finance from different sources. The need of common people and users are unlimited and the demand for new innovative products always exists in the society. Actually the progress of technology has changed the lives of common people and open innovation become a new space in which inventors and mentors from different countries of the world can make their participation for development of research in a professional manner and  these new products will capture the existing market for financial benefits. Our research centre is introducing living lab technology model in open innovation system for researcher and their mentors. Again the live field work model is specially designed for the researcher social sciences, humanities, management. In the living lab technology model all the researchers from science, technology and medical background can visit different laboratories of the best research lab of the world by virtual lab visit through internet and they will also receive the guidance from mentor professors for developing their ideas into an invention. A virtual field visit system is develop under the live field work model which is helpful for the researchers working in the field of art and craft, cultural studies, social sciences, humanities, law, management etc.  in this system, the researcher can avail the benefits of data collection, field visit, collection of photographs, collection of videos, conducting interviews, collection of scripts, exploring new place by their virtual presence through internet in different parts of the world.  

One major challenge in the field of research and development is that a successful innovation always demands a commercialized business model so that the proto type will receive the funding from various agencies and investors. Our research centre is developing a new inventor mentor model for creating a new bond between the expert mentor and the young researcher for their invention. Again, the propose model of researcher will be verified by our market research team for commercialization of the same. Most of the present research are carried out in a particular lab of the organization, research centre or a university in a close invention model and therefore some inventions become more academic than the innovative one. Therefore our research centre is helping the people, researcher and entrepreneurs from different disciplines, different institutions and different countries for finding out successful way to work together at the heart of open innovation model of Eudoxia Research Centre.   

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