Message from The Director, Eudoxia Research Centre, India

Prof. Dr. Rhituraj Saikia
Director, Eudoxia Research Centre, India

Message from The Director,

ERC, IndiaE

It is great privilege for me to be the Director of Eudoxia Research Centre for leading the Open Innovation Model in all around the world. This research centre becomes pioneer in providing high quality research environment to the research scholars and academicians from every area of research. Eudoxia Research Centre (ERC) is known for global research outlook and exceptional innovation by our research scholars. We are building new facilities, such as open online interaction between research scholars of different Universities with respective subject experts or guides. The goal of ERC is to reduce the gap between market demand and academe. ERC works on the business model for marketing of Research Patents, Innovations, New Technologies and ideas of researchers. All the investors and entrepreneurs are also requested for enhancing their investment for new technology products.

Our Research Centre is always encouraging the production of new technology, smart devices, new medicines, agriculture research, physical science research, chemical science research, social science research, humanities, art and culture, law research, management research, engineering and other related areas. We are providing opportunity for all the research scholars from any Universities/Institutions/Research Centre for earning profit from our open innovation system. Thousands of companies around the world are searching professionals having research experience for innovative research. Therefore, our research centre is transforming academic research into professional one.

          The ERC is conducting International Conferences, Online Workshops and hands-on training for research scholars and academicians. We are also publishing research oriented books in different fields with ISBN number. Our FMERC members are receiving opportunities for free publication of book chapter in our edited books. Our ERC introduces the open innovation model and this is a new powerful way to reach beyond the conventional boundaries of academic and research, tap the ideas of customers, industries and users. ERC provides opportunity to the researchers so that they need not to work in a single team but they can work in multiple institutions through open innovation system.  I hope that Eudoxia Research Centre will bring the renaissance of research for invention and innovation in this world.

Prof. Dr. Rhituraj Saikia

Director, Eudoxia Research Centre, India

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