International Research Forums

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IRCAS: International Research Council of Atmospheric Science

WERA: World Environmental Research Association

WAS: World Astrophysics Society

ICASR: International Council of Applied Science Research

WMA: World Mathematics Association

NANRC: World Nanoscience and Nanothechnology Research Council

SRA: World Basic Science Research Association

WARC: World Agricultural Research Council

NAPA: World Nursing and Pharma Association

ICMSR: International Council of Medical Science Research

WAL: World Association of Law and Judicial Science Research

ICMR: International Council of Management Research

WDA: World Data Science Association

ICRSR: International Council of Robotic Science Research

ICLLR: International Council of Language and Literature Research

DRA: World Digital Marketing Research association

CER: International Council of Education Research

WSA: World Statistical Data Analysis Research Association

MAJ: World Mass Communication and Journalism Research Association

WEA: World Entrepreneurs Association

IMAER: International Council of Media and Entertainment Research

WCSRA: World Cultural Studies Research Association

ICWSA: International Council of Women Studies Research

IPRC: International Philosophical Research Council

IHRC: International Historical Research Council

ISRA: International Sociological Research Association

WERA: World Economic Research Association

IAGS: International Association for Gender Studies

WARS: World Association of Religion Studies

ICAIR: International Council for Artificial Intelligence Research

IEDDA: International Electronic Device Development Association

ICIRA: International Council of Innovation and Research

WARA: World Anthropological Research Association

ICCS: International Council of Computer Science

ICYA: International Council of Yoga Association

WHRA: World Homeopathic Research Association

ICHR: International Council for Herbal Research

ICCS: International Council for Chemical Society

ICN: International Council of Naturopathy

IATS: International Association of Theosophical Society  

IAPR: International Association of Psychology Research

IRAF: International Research Association of Film Studies

IAFLS: International Association of Foreign Language Studies

WSIC: World Start Up and Incubation Council

WADS: World Association of Development Studies

IAES: International Association of Environmental Studies

WAGS: World Association Geographical Studies

IAPA: International Association of Performing Arts

IRAB: International Research Association of Biotechnology

WAAR: International Association of Ayurveda Research

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