Innovators and Startups

Innovators and Startups:

Eudoxia Research centre is becoming the frontier of theoretical and experimental research through open innovation system. All the innovators and start up will get the opportunity through this open innovation concept and they can apply for investment through the research centre.

The research centre can help to connect the innovators and start up with investors, corporate and industries for providing the fruits of this model. The following benefits can be avail by the Innovators and Startups

Effective commercialization of new idea submitted by the innovators or the start up.

Guidance for developing the project from our research professors as the mentor of the propose work.

The research centre is providing a number of potential new business opportunities to the innovators and start up for successful fund rising of their project.

Researchers’ are encouraged for patent filling and submitting copy rights of their intellectual property through Eudoxia Research Centre.

The research centre is providing the social recognition to the researchers, innovators, start up, entrepreneurs and academicians by conducting international conference ad award ceremony titled “INFES- 2020” (for current year) in different locations of the world.

All researcher, academicians and start up can submit their project to our research centre for modification and rectification purpose, the research professor of that particular domain will take care of the project. The expert will guide the researcher for successful completion of the project.

Golden Year Book is a new addition to the community of researcher by Eudoxia Research Centre which will carry the information about new invention, new ideas of the innovators and portfolio of contributors from different parts of the world. The Golden Book 2020 will be published on 23rd February in INFES- 2020.

 Our research centre is accepting high quality articles and research papers for publication purpose. We are publishing books of a particular research area with ISBN number from the selected articles submitted by researchers, start up, entrepreneurs and academicians.   

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