About Us:

About Us

Eudoxia Research Centre is a global research platform established by Eudoxia Education Pvt Ltd for invention ad innovation. It is an international research institute for modern scientific and technological support as well as for innovation in social sciences, humanities and art and culture. Eudoxia Research Centre is inspiring young scientist, young social scientist, entrepreneurs, innovators and inventors to establish coordination with investors, industries and companies.

Eudoxia Research Centre is ready to conduct exhibitions for new technologist, art and culture, social science research in different countries of the world. It offers an excellent opportunity to the young researchers, contributors, entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalist and local people to create a valuable network of communication, reducing the gap between inventors and commercialization of products, exchange of innovative knowledge, patenting licensing of their innovations. Eudoxia Research Centre is the opportunity for researchers to bring interdisciplinary research of different countries together into a single umbrella. All researchers can avail the data collection, benefits, field visit for research, sophisticated instrument facilities, introduction of business model, guidance for mentors and recent trends in open innovations, research in different parts of the world. Researchers and academicians can publish their high quality articles and writings in the international books edited by the experts of our research centre.

The concept of open innovation is introduced by our research centre and it will increase exchange of ideas for innovations research and their commercial exploration. This worldwide exchange of research will attract the inventors for submission of their research project and our research center is arranging the investors, industries for branding, patenting and commercialization of their product. The researcher from different countries will get the guidance for their field visit so that they can explore a particular area of any country, more particularly in case of environmental research, cultural studies research, art and craft research, wild animal research, herbal medicine research and other related areas.

All the investors, corporate, financers and industries are benefited by our research policies because they will receive the opportunity for purchasing their requirements high quality products, innovations, market research data the cheapest price from our international innovators.

Our research centre is also providing attractive online education training program and creative ideas to support the young researcher registered with us. Our experts and mentors are regularly working with the young scientists, young social scientists and young researchers to achieve their goals.

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